Tales info

Tales is Peter Tegnér/guitar, Inge Petersson-Lindbäck/saxophone and Jessica Ottosson/vocal. The dreamy, medative songs are composed by Peter Tegnér in the twilight of jazz and folklore. Tegnér formed his constellation in 1996.  From the beginning Peter Fredman was saxophone player but is since fall 2010 replaced by Inge Petersson-Lindbäck. The special sound and the simple melodies are naked in a minimalistic way, and often inspirerd by nordic tunes and jazz. The open character of the music leaves also a lot of space for improvisation.Tales first album was released on dB Productions in 2000 and was received with acclaim:”The Swedish group Tales does music for heaven and the eternal pulses. An audacious guy who writes a little wilful songs. Not so merrily, but this is deep music floating freely between the different genres. This autumn CD is a real hit!” (Helsingborgs Dagblad) Since then, Tales, has toured extensively throughout Sweden, often in close collaboration with Swedish author Björn Ranelid, who also participates on the praised album from 2009:”Björn Ranelid´s CD with Tales prooves that one sentence is enough to create a linguistic heart and a startingpoint for the group´s beautiful associative landscape. Jessica Ottosson´s wordless tunes continue Ranelid´s phrases, sensitively woven into Peter Fredman´s delicate saxophone tones and Peter Tegnér’s keenly varied guitar playing” (Lira)
Tales new album “Colours” will be released on db Productions in October 2010

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